Certification Exams Overview

About H3C Certification Exams

Passing H3C Certification exams give professionals the opportunity to prove their knowledge and expertise acquired in training.

One has to pass all exams required by H3C Certification before acquiring H3C Certification.

The exams are arranged by Prometric Company, the largest computer exam service provider in the world, in accordance with its exams agent agreement with H3C.

H3C Certification exams are held in a predefined duration, usually an hour, and in a secure environment. The number of questions varies with the exam subject, usually ranging 50~60 questions. The question types include single-choice, multiple-choice and Yes-or-No questions.

Exams are fairly challenging: Besides simple memorizing, the examinees have to solve problems possibly encountered in actual work.

Exams are delivered online. Examinees are required to answer the questions in sequence. After the given exam, examinees will receive a score list, marked with the reference score provided by the exam service provider and the score required to pass a certain exam.

H3C provides exams in Chinese and English. The former is held only in Mainland China while the latter throughout the world.

What Can I Get by Passing the Exams?

Network professionals can prove their networking knowledge and expertise by taking and passing the exams.

The exams will prove to the managers of enterprise network management personnel that their employees are competent for their positions.

These exams will encourage network professionals to probe into network technologies and to be qualified for promotion.

Furthermore, candidates and certification holders are expected to keep up with the latest information for receiving notifications from H3C, and may be invited to attend the events and conferences sponsored by H3C.