The H3C Technical Solution Bulletin for buffer overflow Security Vulnerability (CVE-2016-9586)



curl before version 7.52.0 is vulnerable to a buffer overflow when doing a large floating point output in libcurl's implementation of the printf() functions. If there are any application that accepts a format string from the outside without necessary input filtering, it could allow remote attacks. The vulnerability numbers is CVE-2016-9586.



Attackers can exploit this issue to execute arbitrary code in the context of the affected application.


H3C Products

H3C R&D team quickly investigated the H3C products after the vulnerabilities were publicly disclosed.


We found below products are in impact scope:

l  Comware V7 products

l  Business software products

l  H3CloudOS/H3CloudCMP

l  Storage products

l  Safety and ecological cooperation products


Solution for H3C Products

For product solutions, please contact H3C Service Hotline: +852 2907 0456 or email: