China: Anhui University Network Boosts Academic Quality

Customer Info
Founded in 1928, Anhui University is one of the most important universities in China. It has a faculty team of 2,300 teaching and administrative staff, about 700 of which are professors and associate professors. The university has totally 27,000 students including 15,000 undergraduate students and 1,300 master and doctor degree students.

The Challenge
Neither the current campus nor network could meet Anhui University's needs at that time. So a manageable, operable and value-added network with comprehensive services, high performance and large capacity backbone was urgently needed. The upgraded and extended network should provide remote education, multi-spots synchronization teaching, campus dynamic address allocation, etc. and the new network should also act as the core network for all the universities in Hefei, the capital of Anhui province.

Why Huawei?
Anhui University was convinced by Huawei's strong R&D ability, dedicated after-sale services and decided to deploy a solution consisting of the following products:

Huawei Quidway® S8500 series 10G multi-service core routing switches

Huawei Quidway® S6500 series routing switches

Huawei designed the network in a three layer topology: the core layer, the distribution layer and the access layer.

In both the new campus and the old campus, S8505s are deployed to upgrade the original GE connection to a more accommodating 10GE connection in the campus backbone.

In the distribution layer, the S6500s deliver high density, high data flow capability and carry wide-range of services with anti-virus and intrusion protection while the S5516s construct GE speed and high port density.

In access layer, S3526, S3026 and S2403H meet different user access requirements in dormitories, libraries and administration buildings.


High Performance 10GE Campus Network
Huawei designs the Terra Bits educational solution with S8500 which delivers a powerful 1.8T backplane and 720G switching capacity.

User Management
The complex user management tasks can be properly handled and greatly alleviate network administrator's workload by using CAMS (Comprehensive Access Management System) as AAA server.

Multi Service Management
With CAMSS, the university can charge students values-added services such as online courses. With this capability, the university can much better utilize its resources and pushes the education agendas forwards much easier than traditional means.

High Availability
In the old campus, 2 S8505s are deployed with link aggregation running OSPF as IGP which effectively balance data flow between the old campus and the new campus and forming a network platform for the university.

High Performance
Quidway S8505 has a maximum switching capacity and backplane bandwidth of 300G to guarantee the university's demanding network requirements which include but not limited to layer 2/3 features, powerful DiffServ/QoS, carrier class reliability and smooth upgrade supports.

Simple and Efficient Manageability
Anhui University can effortlessly manage their network equipment by deploying Quidview NMS. Advanced and versatile academic services can be carried on with minimum interruption.

The Benefits
Since the launch of this network, Anhui University has offered many new services to students, e.g. online office, multimedia education, wireless Internet connections, video broadcasting and web portal certifications without any intrusion to its old services. These new services are deployed smoothly without hassle and are the network is more efficient than ever.

Furthermore, the new network substantially boosts academic quality while cutting down costs at the same time. It is also helping the university's R&D development. Another win-win case!