Feature: H3C Provides Campus Networking Equipments for Top Universities in Asia

-----Proven ability of delivering core layer IP network solutions

As the first choice among the internet equipment vendors for China's higher education sector with over 40 per cent of market share, H3C has been chosen as the leading vendor for China's Pan-university inter-networking project of CERNET(China Education & Research Network) and CERNET 2, which features IPv6 protocol-based connection and Next Generation Internet(NGI) pilot application. More than that, H3C also helped nearly 1500 local universities and colleges build their campus network to facilitate the teaching and learning, researching, library service, as well as management and operations on Internet.

To date, H3C is seeing its products and solutions widely deployed by most prestigious universities in Asia Pacific countries, including but not limited to universities like Tsinghua University, Beijing University, University of Hong Kong, Prince of Songkla University (PSU) in Thailand, Inha University in Korea, Universiti Malaya etc.

The burgeoning e-learning has triggered the need of broadband access to the network, and H3C takes the lead in providing the 10GE campus network. PSU is one of the successful cases. As the first university in Southern Thailand, PSU always strives to promote its research and education capability to meet international standard. H3C helps it to achieve this goal by building 10GE intelligent network with strong QoS and high reliability.

Universiti Malaya (UM) is a most aspired university in Malaysia famous for its pioneering IT applications in the Asia-Pacific region. In the network rebuild project, it chooses H3C to build the 10GE campus network, which enables it to enjoy many new applications like video conference and VoIP under a highly secure environment.

"UM is seeing strong return on our technology investment. Video conferencing with Japanese and Chinese universities for e-lectures is now possible, and more tie-ups are being planned. The law faculty has been using video-conferencing for some time now, and the medical faculty interacts live with hospitals. Video-conferencing is integrated with the telephone system facilitating VoIP. The network built with H3C hardware, and its supportive partner, has helped cut down internal costs," said Encik Faharuddin, IT Director, Universiti Malaya.

According to Eric Sun, the Director of network infrastructure product line at H3C, the customers from educational side nowadays care applications like multi-media interaction, data centralization and network management as well as they care about bandwidth availability. For that, H3C is on the way to introduce its diversified products and solutions portfolio to better address the educational customers' needs.

Besides its rich portfolio with high performance, H3C is also regarded as a cost efficient product welcome by the educational users.

The University of Hong Kong (HKU) is the territory's oldest university, offering ten faculties and numerous research centers. Facing the growing number of enrolled students, it requires an upgraded secure network that can connect the academic areas with other newly established student facilities. H3C finally won the project for its in-depth consideration of customer needs and expectations, and designed a full network solution from edge to core to build an upgradeable network with greater capacity, which has significantly reduced the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Inter-operability is another concern when customers plan to upgrade or rebuild the network. H3C's hardware equipments prove to be interoperable with other vendors' devices, which greatly protect customers' previous investment. Inha University in Korea is a renowned engineering university. Their previous network was built with multi-vendor solutions. The inter-connection becomes a key concern when it comes to network reconstruction, but H3C helps it out. After a thorough trial period, Inha University found the function and performance of H3C's solutions to be excellent in compatibility and reliability. Moreover, they considered the H3C switches to be very convenient to implement and maintain.

"We are very satisfied with H3C's solutions, they offer superior performance over other vendors. Now we have a more powerful network infrastructure and can transfer network traffic flexibly among other existing networks," explained Dong-hoon Lee, manager of system operation team, Inha University.