India: H3C Offers Total Solution for the Campus Network of Madan Mohan Malaviya Engineering College


Established in 1962, Madan Mohan Malaviya Engineering College (MMMEC) is today counted among the best institutions of its kind in the state of UP in India. It aims to become a leading institution in engineering. The College is affiliated to the UP Technical University, Lucknow.


Sponsored by the TEQUIP project to develop advanced networked institution, the requirements are as follows:

a) The construction of network will enhance the quality of high education greatly and realize the information sharing with other network institutions.

b) The total network shall be constructed completely, and covers in total 1200 nodes including various departments, offices, library, hostels (boys & girls) residences, IT centre, etc.

c) High reliability and performance is a must.

Technology solution

The products and solutions deployed included H3C S9508, S5600, S3600, Quidview and Sepath1000F.

- 1 S9508 is deployed as the core switch withcomplete redundant configuration to provide high switching capacity and performance.

- 4 S5600 are deployed as the distribution switches to provide the traffic aggregation and data forwarding between access switches.

- 45 S3600 are deployed as the access switches to provide data connectivity for departments, library, hostels, etc.

- Switch-to-switch connectivity should be on Gigabit backbones to ensure high bandwidth.

- Security products are used to protect LAN from illegal attacks

- NMS is used to realize the intelligent management of the total active network products including automatic discovery of products, topology, panel monitoring, alarm & statistics, report, etc.

Why H3C?

After a strict selection process, H3C is chosen for the following offers:

- Complete active network product line to provide total network solution.

- Customized solution.

- Advanced architecture design for core switches to ensure high performance and easy upgrade in the future.

- High performance/price ratio (lower cost for the same performance).

- Easy to operate and maintain.

- Supportstandard based protocol to realize seamless integration with other vendor's products.


Adopting the industry leading technology and standard based protocol, H3C can provide customersadvanced solution and smooth integration with other vendor’s products. H3C is one of the only a few companies in the world which can provide total network solution. Strong R&D capacities of H3C ensure the leading position of H3C’s products and solution, the setup of R&D center in Bangalore can provide more support on local requirement. Easy expansion and maintenance as well as complete service system will provide different level of service to meet the post sales requirement of the customer.