India: New Campus Network for College of Technology, G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology


College of Technology, G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology is located in Pantnagar, Dist. Udham Singh Nagar, Uttaranchal State in India. It is the first university in India to blend Technology with Agriculture. It is the “Harbinger of Green Revolution” in the country eulogized by Nobel Laureate Dr. Norman E. Borlaug. As the best institution in 1997 honored by the I.C.A.R, it is one of the partners in receiving the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (C.G.I.A.R.) Chairman’s excellence in Science International Award. The College of Technology was established in 1966, at present the college runs eight Bachelor degree and twenty-two post-graduate degree programs.


Sponsored by the TEQUIP project, and developed as centers of excellence called Lead Institutions for well performing engineering institutions in Uttaranchal State India, the network requirements are as follows:

a) The total network shall be constructed completely.

b) High reliability and performance is a must

c) Connecting the buildings in both the teaching buildings (PCT and NCT), 5 Boys Hostels, 3 Girls Hostels, Central Computing Facility and University Library.

d) Inter Building/Department connectivity or switch-to-switch connectivity should be on Gigabit backbones.

e) Inter Building connectivity of approximately 700 nodes spread in the Central Computing Facility, Dean Office, Department and all the Hostels

f) High speed data switching for all the users with multiple virtual LANs, so that the network can be optimally used and create VLAN to provide security.

Technology solution

To meet the requirements, H3C S9512, S3050, S3026C and S5624P switches and Quidview network management are deployed.

  • 1 9512 is deployed as the core switch with the complete redundant configuration to provide high switching capacity and performance.
  • 40 S3000/5600 series are deployed as the access/distribution switches to provide data connectivity for engineering faculties and hostels.
  • Inter Building/Department connectivity or switch-to-switch connectivity are on Gigabit backbones to ensure high bandwidth.
  • High speed data switching for all the users with multiple virtual LANs are provided, so that the network can be optimally used and create VLAN toprovide security.

    Why H3C?

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    2. Customer-oriented solution & service

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    6. Highly cost-effective (20% saving by using H3C’s products to achieve the same performance)

    7. Easy maintenance (no compatibility problems for the interface modules of H3C S9500 series)

    8. Sufficient reserve for future upgrade

    9. Rich security features for access of subscribers


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