China: H3C Helps Shanghai University to Build 10GE Network

Customer Info

Shanghai University is one of the key institutions of higher learning in Shanghai directly under the municipal government and on the list of national "Project 211" in China. Shanghai University consists of 20 colleges and schools, 2 university-supervised departments and 1 physical education department, offering 58 undergraduate programs, 86 postgraduate programs, 20 doctoral programs and 9 post-doctoral programs covering Dynamic, Metallurgy, Electronic & Communication, Mathematics, Materials Science and Information Engineering. It has a faculty of 5,484, among which more than 380 are full professors and more than 780 are associate professors. Of these professors, 7 are academicians of Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering, 175 doctor supervisors and 13 national-leveled young specialists of science and technology of their achievements. Now there are more than 30,000 full-time students at the university, among whom nearly 25,000 are undergraduates and 4,400 are PhD and master students. And at the university there are over 20,000 mature students as well.

The Challenge

The old design included several campus networks without high performance connections. So the massive network users and heavy load within the network always crashed the equipments and create network blocking. The newly built campus network should balance in terms of functionalities, reliability, flexibility and expansibility and without serious bottleneck suffering both inward and outward.

Why H3C?

H3C was chosen by Shanghai University because H3C has extensive experience in education and campus network. H3C can offer reliable, multi-service, end to end networking systems to meet all campus demands, from small classrooms and offices to the most bandwidth-intensive departments, server farms, and research facilities. H3C’s standard-based solutions ensure interoperability and unmatched performance, scalability and security.

Technology Solution

H3C 10GE core Switch 9512 and S9505 are chosen as the core and access devices for the campus network. Through the 1G links in convergent layers for highly reliable interconnections across all campus districts, the bottleneck problem is addressed.

The Benefits

The topology and switching services become more logical and systematic after the network is revamped. The S9500 switches can ensure effective support of abundant services which protect the whole campus against virus attack, realize QoS guarantee without affecting the performance and are capable of future seamless upgrade to 40G for the core network.

After the successful upgrade of the Shanghai University campus network by H3C, over 3 million students can freely enjoy e-learning, knowledge sharing and internet surfing through the secure 10GE network connecting the 3 campus areas located in Jiadin, Baoshan and Yanchang.