China: Central Academy of Fine Arts Network for the 21st Century

Customer Info

Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) is the only higher education institution affiliated by the National Ministry of Education. With 85 years of history, CAFA has earned a reputation as one of the leading art and design schools in China.

CAFA’s success as a higher education institution is grounded by offering the highest quality of educational experience through delivery of well-structured courses and a team of academic staff members consisted of China's most eminent artists, designers and theorists.

The Challenge

CAFA has taken the lead in constructing its campus network to consolidate its international and unique educational leading position and make an all-around progress in 21st century. It has very high demand on network security and users control.

Why H3C?

CAFA University selected H3C for its strong R&D ability and well-known post-sale services to build a manageable, operational, and value-added network with comprehensive service, high performance and large capacity.

Technology Solution

To satisfy CAFA’s great concern on network security, all the ingress data stream from outside are processed by SecPath 1000, a new generation firewall developed by Huawei-3Com, located between NE05 and S9505.

S9505 is adopted to deliver GE connection to 3 different parts of campus: dormitory, academy building and affiliated school where three S7503 act as the distribution switches, delivering high density, high data flow capability and carry comprehensive services with anti-virus and intrusion protection.

In access layer, S3026 PWR gives PoE function to IntelliJack™ Switch NJ100, an "in-the-wall", unmanaged Ethernet switch that easily quadruples LAN infrastructure connections with four switched ports and up to two pass-through ports connecting a variety of devices via one wall outlet, making it more cost-effective than pulling additional wiring so meeting the esthetic demands of students majoring in art.

Various access control technologies such as CAMS are applied for user identity authentication, user authorization control, and user action control.

Quidview provides MAC batch binding tool that with easy graphic interface to configure the relationship among VLAN, port and MAC to device in batch.

Quidview gives a clear topology for the CAFA network with Email / short message alert to network administrator in case of network failures or performance threshold value overflow. The server management function guarantees the important network servers running at prime efficiency.

The Benefits

After the network project, CAFA network management achieves great progress. Many formerly time-consuming works can now be automatically performed by CAMS and Quidview. Multiple services like office automation, multimedia education, wireless internet connection, video broadcasting, and 802.1x certification are deployed smoothly and successfully.

The new solution substantially boosts academic service quality and efficiency and brings down expenses. CAFA network administrators affirm that the network management and access solution have enhanced the whole university’s management level greatly and practicably.