Cloud Computing

H3C cloud computing comprises four categories of products — software, network, computing, and storage — built to help you achieve cloud and network integration in a virtualized cloud environment. As a result, you can benefit from a one-stop total solution that powers enterprise data center IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) infrastructure.

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After years of hard work and development, H3C has accumulated a large number of industry-leading intellectual property and patents in the Ethernet field.
H3C offers the industry more than 10 series of hundreds of switches from the core to access. All products run H3C Comware with unified command interfaces which simplified configuration and maximize product simplicity.

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H3C, as the first company to launch China's narrow-band router in 1996, has input more than ten years on the market and in R & D investment. Nowadays, H3C owns one of the world's most complete router collections and the most comprehensive solutions. According to the latest survey, H3C low-end routers have cumulative sales of over one million units and have accumulated more than 30,000 units of high-end routers.

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Thanks to the mobile Internet trends and the rapid spread of smart devices, WLAN maintains a high growth in the market.
H3C, as a leading provider of integrated solutions for mobile networks, launched WLAN in 2008 and has continuously maintained its number one position in the enterprise market. According to the IDC report, nearly 4 million WLAN products (AP) were shipped up to June, 2014.

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In order to maintain the industry-leading products and solutions, H3C security invests more than 15% of sales in R & D every year. After years of sustained investment, H3C has developed a proprietary high-performance processing chip and a dedicated core business operating system software and owns more than 200 network security related patents.

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Network Management

H3C intelligent Management Center (iMC) is a standalone, comprehensive management solution that delivers integrated, modular management capabilities across Cloud and data centre, end-user management, campus network, and wireless management.

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About H3C Technology

H3C has grown to be a comprehensive IT infrastructure provider offering multi-level routers, Ethernet switches, WLAN, security, VoIP, video, SMB products and software management systems to their customers with innovative products, technologies and services. Select a category to further locate information you are looking for.