Hong Kong: H3C 10 Gigabit Ethernet Solution for Asia’s Leading Animation and Visual Effects Studio

Company Info

Founded in 1987, Centro Digital Pictures has evolved from a local post-production company to become Asia's leading animation and visual effects studio. With more than 150 full-time employees and US$25 million invested to date, Centro has developed a creative and technical skill-set unrivalled in the region, winning over 40 local and international awards for its work.

Centro Digital has been involved in visual effect creation for many hot box-office attractions, including "Stormriders", "A Man Called Hero", and "Kung Fu Hustle", which set the highest total box office record of all time in Hong Kong for a local movie.


As a leading studio with growing business, Centro Digital needs enormous capacity to transfer increasingly huge files between its two offices in two different buildings at the Cyberport. "The work of each client is made up of numerous frames. To give you an idea of how large the files could be, there are about 25 frames per second and each frame is around 15Mb in size," said Hon Fung, Senior Engineer at Centro Digital.

In addition, the studio must deploy the most robust security technology to protect the intellectual property rights of the works of its clients.


After a thorough search and evaluation of various solutions, Centro Digital opted for Huawei-3Com's 10GE solution comprising S5600 series and S6500 switches.

S6500 series switches are Layer three switches featuring strong performance, high port density and flexibility, applicable to the enterprise network of access, convergence and core layers.

S5600 series switches are innovative solutions that improve LAN operating efficiency by incorporating the industry-leading technology Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF). IRF enables redundancy in the fabric in both the control plane and data plane, eliminating the single point of failure.

The innovative highlights of S5600 Series switches are high stacking bandwidth up to 96G, high-density GE, 10GE uplink, and changeable and pluggable power supply unit.

Why Huawei-3Com?

The solution, deployed to build a 10 Gigabit Ethernet link for transferring colossal files, was selected because of its unrivaled price, reliability, and strong protection against unauthorized file download. "These are the reasons why we are the first in the industry in Hong Kong to adopt the Huawei-3Com solution. We are also impressed by the solution's easiness-to-deploy."


Robust Security
The centralized MAC and 802.1X authentication, supported by the S5600 series switches, is a must-have at Centro Digital to assure its customers of well-protected intellectual property rights of their works.

To ward off anyone from downloading clients' works, the S5600 switch authenticates the users when they access the network. S5600 also toughens security by preventing unauthorized access to the network via binding IP, MAC and port in any combination. The dynamic VLAN assignment supported by S5600 further allows for identity-based security policy, regardless of where the user is connected.

Speedy, reliable file transfer and communications
With the new Huawei-3Com 10GE backbone in place, file transfer and communications among the employees have been made much speedier and more reliable.

This is enabled by S6500's powerful layer three routing functionality and the entire 10GE solution's abundant QoS features that translate into strong performance and high quality services.

The modularized design behind the S6500 series switch also gives Centro Digital 1+1 redundancy, ensuring the company of unparalleled level of reliability. In addition, the IRF system architecture helps avoid single-point of failure, and thus enhances reliability.