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Hong Kong: H3C IP Surveillance Powered World-class Equestrian Event


The HKSAR 10th Anniversary Cup Eventing Competition was held on 11-13 August 2007 at Beas River Country Club and the Hong Kong Sports Institute, Shatin. It marked the first time riders from leading equestrian nations competed at a world-class equestrian event in Hong Kong. The HKSAR Cup was also one of the 42 “Good Luck Beijing” sporting events being held across China as a run-up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. As an Olympic preview and security test, the HKSAR Cup needed to be a safe, enjoyable event for spectators and participants alike.

The Cup’s organizers realized they needed a solution that could provide 24x7 real-time security with instantaneous playback, an easy to use interface, and a reliable storage environment with no single point of failure. They turned to H3C to install its IP Video Surveillance solution (iVS) at the two competition venues to ensure the security and safety of more than 5,000 participants, including jockeys, horses, owners, workers and spectators.

The Solution

H3C faced several unique challenges with the massive size and outdoor nature of the venues, and the need for easy access from non-technical support personnel. H3C’s iVS solution is built around compliance with open standards for real-time surveillance and open protocol support (iSCSI) for storage. It has an open application architecture that integrates network computers, communication systems and storage systems, which extends the network’s ability to add interfaces to third-party sources for enhanced services. This solution included the H3C Decoder/Encoder 1001 surveillance media terminal, VM8000 video surveillance management server, VC8000 video management system, DM8000 data management server and an IPSAN. These technologies formed a total solution under H3C’s innovative IToIP architecture.

Hong Kong Sports Institute, Shatin

Beas River Country Club

The Decoder/Encoder 1001 terminal decodes raw analog signals and turns them into high-definition dynamic digital real-time surveillance images to provide high resolution output while complying with MPEG2/MPEG4/H.264 standards to provide DVD level quality. The H3C VM8000 manages the video and control signals going between the cameras and the control terminals for greatly improved reliability. The surveillance network used IP multicasting to simultaneously stream video to multiple access points, allowing multiple users to view the same video while taking up only minimal bandwidth. H3C also ensured reliability with hot standby functionality between two redundant control centers.

Why H3C?

Organizers of the HKSAR 10th Anniversary Cup selected H3C after searching for a vendor who offered a total IP surveillance solution. H3C’s reputation for deploying large-scale systems on-time and with minimal problems, such as the 2005 WTO Ministerial Conference, and high quality technical support impressed the event organizers.

“With varying user requirements and different vendors providing different technologies and products, H3C saw a need for a total solution based on an open architecture that integrates network computers, communication systems and storage systems. All in all, IP Video Surveillance Solution offers the HKSAR 10th Anniversary Cup the ability to complete more surveillance-related tasks with higher efficiency,” said KC Leung, Head of Technology, Equestrian Events (Hong Kong) of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad Company Limited.

Hong Kong Sports Institute, ShatiBeas River Country Club

The Benefits

The HKSAR 10th Anniversary Cup deployed the first all-in-one IP surveillance solution to be installed in Hong Kong. The H3C iVS solution was easy to deploy and the intelligent IP system’s flexibility made adding cameras and security centers to cover the changing needs of the event fast and easy.

The H3C iVS solution enhanced the control and monitoring functionality, letting event organizers monitor multiple audio/video streams in real-time for complete venue monitoring, while multi-user logins enabled fast and precise video retrievals of live or recorded images via time searches. The storage system featured H3C’s redundant hard disk technology to prevent data loss, while a simple, Web-based interface using H3C’s DM8000 server made retrieving videos simple for non-technical security, police, medical and volunteer personnel.