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Hong Kong: China Everbright to Enhance Network Performance and Scalability in Anticipation of Future Growth


Based in Hong Kong and Mainland China, China Everbright Limited is a financial services holding company with primary businesses in commercial banking, investment banking and brokerage, direct investment, asset management and wealth management in Greater China. Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the company has a strong balance sheet and financial strength. It also promotes a culture of high standards in corporate governance, transparency, professionalism and management excellence. The parent company of China Everbright Limited, China Everbright Group is a state owned enterprise under the supervision of the State Council of China. Its businesses mainly cover the financial sector, which include banking, securities, insurance and investment management business.

Located on three floors, the aging network equipment in China Everbright Limited's main office and datacenter network was unable to cope with existing bandwidth demands and could not meet future expectations from the Company's fast expanding business in terms of staff size and turnover. China Everbright Limited is investing more resources in its financial business to cater to the rapid increase in market turnover and its own expansion. With more anticipated business inflow from China, China Everbright Limited had to upgrade its equipment and human resources. China Everbright Limited selected H3C after an extensive vendor review to upgrade its datacenter and main office systems with new network equipment featuring a high availability design with ample space for bandwidth growth.

The Solution

China Everbright Limited deployed H3C S7500 high-end multi-service switches as backbone units and H3C S3600 series switches as access devices. The modularized design of the H3C S7500 switch allows China Everbright Limited to enjoy cost-effective, flexible interface choices from 10/100/1000 to 10 Gigabit Ethernet to satisfy its future performance needs for e-trading or other network-supported services. While the H3C S3600 series switches feature innovative stacking technology offers exceptional performance with convenient 'pay as you grow' flexibility.

The complete security management mechanism inside the H3C S7500 switch provides multi-element authentication using 802.1X, MAC address, VLAN and IP address for greater control over network resources access. While H3C's integrated Network Management System software (NMS) can help trace and isolate users for better access point security throughout the network. The NMS can also help realize greater availability through simplified, more efficient operations thus reducing maintenance costs and network downtime.

Financial services like online banking or e-trading demand carrier-class reliability. H3C's S7500 and S3600 series switches offer a high MTBF that exceeds the industry standard. The H3C S7500 series feature dual MCUs, hot-swappable boards and a N+1 hot-backup power system for improved reliability.

Why H3C?

China Everbright Limited needed a vendor that could also provide a high level of customized sales and service support; making H3C's outstanding sales and service reputation and product quality significant factors in its decision. By understanding China Everbright Limited's needs, H3C developed a unique network solution that delivered excellent after sales service and a smooth integration with a dedicated technical manager responsible for all aspects of the project from implementation to migration.

The Benefits

As a major financial institution with regional scope and global aspirations, China Everbright Limited anticipates strong future growth as it further develops financial service products like e-trading and online wealth management services. The H3C switches offer 99.999% availability and are connected by redundant GE fiber uplinks to further support China Everbright Limited 'always-on' customers financial services and internal applications. China Everbright Limited can take advantage of 'pay as you grow' flexibility using H3C's stacking technology and simplified operations through H3C's integrated NMS tools to support growth of its OA traffic and the deployment of VoIP and future IP-based financial and e-trading services to customers.