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Malaysia: Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad Selected H3C to Build a Highly Reliable, Manageable and Innovative Network


Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad started its operations on October 1, 1999 with combined assets and liabilities brought over from the Islamic banking windows of the then Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Berhad, Bank of Commerce (M) Berhad and BBMB Kewangan. Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad (BMMB) is the second full-fledged Islamic bank to be established in Malaysia after Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad, it is poised to play the role of providing Islamic banking products and services to Malaysians, irrespective of race or religious beliefs, thus contributing to the development of modern Malaysia. Islamic Banking provides products and services similar to those provided by the conventional banks but subject to rules and regulations governed by Islamic Banking Act, Islamic Banking can offer commercial banking, finance company and merchant banking businesses under one roof. Driven by a competitive streak, BMMB is highly focused on delivering innovative services to customers by investing in new network equipments and adopting the latest IT strategies. Its HQ located at the center of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, has become the important technology proven ground of H3C solution where its newly installed network infrastructure is demonstrating a reliable non-stop, high-tech and innovative network system.

Technology and Solution

Delivering high performance and high availability network services

For BMMB HQ network, H3C S7506 is deployed as the core switch of the building. S7506 core switch and H3C distribution switch S5516 form a virtual node via VRRP technology. Should one of the core system fails, its peer system will take over, reducing network down time and increasing core network availability connection to WAN. Dual core network solution provides BMMB network service with reliability and redundancy. The network system availability is further enhanced by adopting H3C S5516 L3 Gigabit switch linked with the S706 via multi-GE link aggregation. From S5516/S7500 to access switch S3526, dual homing GE link is adopted by using MSTP (multi-spanning tree protocol). Network traffic is able to achieve load balance between dual homing links thus fully utilizing network resources.

Secure and easy access technology

To ensure user identity authentication, the access authentication system is deployed base on IEEE 802.1x protocol. Together with H3C switches and AAA server, BMMB is able to accomplish complete AAA functions, preventing unauthorized users from accessing the network and offering peace of mind when accessing network resources.

With the configuration of 802.1x and AAA server, authorized users are able to move around the premises without restriction and are truly able to enjoy business networking freedom.

Quality of services

All of the equipments support advance QoS (quality of services), a technology which provides flow mapping, flow labeling in term of multiple regulation combination, flow monitoring (CAR), congestion avoidance (RED,WRED,SA-RED), traffic policing and traffic shaping, enabling BMMB network application to run efficiently and effectively throughout the organization.


H3C - the right choice

Advanced technology including link aggregation, dual-homing, VRRP and redundant key component are implemented to ensure maximum availability for non-stop network operation. BMMB network not only achieves a high-tech, high availability network system, but also safeguards its corporate network integrity by introducing network user access authentication system.


BMMB, as one of the important Islamic banking institutions in Malaysia selected H3C as their preferred network solution provider because H3C is completely customer driven, develops new technology, products and solution specifically addressing the needs of the finance institution. With this understanding and devotion, H3C is promoting the advancement of the industry and is the best partner for financial institution.