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China: Agricultural Bank of China (Guangdong) Deploys H3C Multiple Service Routers and VoIP Solution to Reconstruct the Call Center

December 11, 2006 witnessed the full-scale opening of the PRC’s financial industry to the outside world. The domestic commercial banks are exposed directly to fierce competition from first-rate international banks. A series of questions came with the new situation. How to adapt to the ever-changing market? How to discover the diversified customer requirements? How to improve customer satisfaction? How to improve the core competitiveness of banks? All become directional issues that more and more domestic banks shall take into consideration.

Agricultural Bank of China (Guangdong) Deploys H3C Multiple Service Routers and VoIP Solution to Reconstruct the Call Center


Agricultural Bank of China (Guangdong) is a provincial branch of Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) in Guangdong with the largest business scale across the national ABC system. Agricultural Bank of China (Guangdong) is highly concerned about the information construction of the bank. To date, Agricultural Bank of China (Guangdong) has 2400 plus well-equipped business offices that offer a full line of capabilities. It is a financial institution that boasts the largest number of business offices and a widest coverage in the province. By consolidating the resources of the whole bank, it constructs a quality customer management team, implementing unified marketing strategies to provide quality financial services to both corporate and personal users.

In addition, Agricultural Bank of China (Guangdong) actively expands the service channels, presenting a portfolio of new service channels such as telephone banking, online banking, mobile phone banking and customer service center. Such new service channels extend the service duration and space to provide customers with 24 x 7 non-stop services. The conventional counter services and the new electronic banking services form a multi-polar layout in complementary and mutually benefiting way. The new service channels break the physical boundaries of the conventional banking.


With the continuous increase of the service capability of Agricultural Bank of China, the variety of products is getting wider. “Due to the restriction of the equipment of the original call center, the access capacity of the whole customer service platform lags far behind the swiftly development stage of the branch. For survival and development, and to offer better services for customers, we decided to reconstruct the call center service platform of the province,” said a director of Agricultural Bank of China (Guangdong).

Why H3C?

After inspection and investigation of a few equipment vendors, Agricultural Bank of China (Guangdong) decided to adopt the products and solution of H3C for the reconstruction of the whole call center. The IP based H3C solution is compatible with the third-party equipment of the original call center. In addition, it satisfies the requirements on centralized and unified management in the whole branch. It also meets the diverse needs of Agricultural Bank of China (Guangdong) that come up in different special cases, for example, local services, regional situation and local language adaptability.

As the implementer of the reconstruction project, H3C is always concerned about the development and requirements of the financial industry. Meanwhile, H3C has in-depth understanding and network construction experience after years of efforts in the financial industry. After thorough analysis of the current situation, development trends, and concerns of the financial industry, H3C rolled out the “Integrated Network Finance Solution” to help customers improve the degree of intelligent business operation and optimize the network. In recent years, the H3C products and solutions have made continuous breakthroughs in the high-end areas of the financial industry.

Technology Solution

H3C offers MSR50-60 multi-service open router at the provincial core, which provides 32 E1s, 1200 VoIP lines, 70 agents and IVR 900 lines. MSR30-20 multi-service open routers are deployed in other branches to provide 1 to 2 E1s and 30 to 60 VoIP lines.

MSR multi-service open routers are new generation network products ideal for meeting different network scenarios of branches. MSR series integrates data security, voice communication, video interaction and service customization. The routers can deploy diverse services conveniently at one node in the context of increasing network applications of Agricultural Bank of China (Guangdong). They can maximally mitigate the complicated problems from different equipment on the network. They also hugely reduce the long-term operation, administration and management (OAM) cost of Agricultural Bank of China (Guangdong).


“The successful reconstruction of the call center VoIP project will bring about positive effect of and influence on Agricultural Bank of China (Guangdong). It will benefit the branch in improving the service performance in an all-round manner and maintaining healthy customer relationship. In addition, it can cut the OPEX sharply, further strengthens the industry competitiveness,” commented by a director of Agricultural Bank of China (Guangdong).

Today, regardless of anytime (7 x 24), anywhere (at home, in office or on the road), any means (the Internet, mobile phone or fax), the customer can easily enjoy the tailor-made services provided by Agricultural Bank of China (Guangdong). “By adopting the H3C solution, our customer service center features openness, ease of maintenance and ease of management. What we need to do is to maintain and operate the unified network platform. As a result, the total cost of ownership (TCO) and investment in equipment are sharply reduced. In addition, the openness and ease of expansion of the solution enable us to face the customer service development requirements with great ease,” said a director of Agricultural Bank of China (Guangdong) with delight.