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China: H3C Selected by Agricultural Bank of China for National Data Centralization WAN Project

As one of the four largest state-owned commercial banks, the Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) is an important component of China's overall financial system. Recently, ABC appointed H3C as the sole IP network provider for its National Data Centralization WAN project. With over 10 million RMB, this is the largest wide area network (WAN) project in the finance industry in China, and is a milestone for the strategic partnership between H3C and the Agricultural Bank of China.

H3C will build two core data centers to connect the networks of its 36 provincial branches to form a highly efficient, stable and reliable WAN, as well as a concentrated and integrated data center to serve the entire country. When completed, ABC's new network will provide instant and accurate information to facilitate unified management and centralized risk control, which will eventually change their traditional banking operations.

To successfully complete the project, ABC had very high requirements for reliability, stability, security and transparency. ABC not only had to be concerned about the security and stability of the facility itself, but also about future-proofing their systems and guaranteeing a high return on investment. H3C's strengths in service provisioning to local enterprises, strong technology backup, as well as compatibility with other products, which was why ABC chose it as a technology partner.

H3C is currently the IP network provider of many leading banks in China and is expanding fast in the international market to serve global customers in the finance industry.