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China: H3C Solution Kits Out the National VPN Project of Chinalife

As the mass data concentration of the banking industry takes shape, the insurance industry headed by Chinalife is also working toward concentration of mass information. Recently, Chinalife deployed H3C full series of VPN solutions for its nationwide service network.

Chinalife has become the biggest commercial insurance provider in China over the past years. In 2005, its life insurance revenue reached RMB189.85 billion, with a share of 51.02% in the national life insurance market, and the total asset of RMB724.75 billion, accounting for about 47% of the total worth of the industry nationwide. Furthermore, Chinalife's sales network has spread all over the country, including the vast countryside.

Though the growing business is a great achievement, it also poses a key challenge to the real-time control and management of the national insurance service. Upon further demonstration and consideration, Chinalife decides to adopt H3C VPN solution to establish VPN networks over 19 provincial branches for secure access and mobile office access, to provide real-time summary of service data.

According to industry experts, it is essential to manage information efficiently to meet the concentration of data and services on a large scale. Reportedly, in addition to a full series of high-, middle- and low-end VPN devices and mobile VPN devices, the network deployed for Chinalife by H3C provides unified network management and maintenance using software including BIMS and VPN Manager.