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China: H3C Offers Integrated Service for ICBC Zhejiang Bank Branch Network


ICBC is China’s second-largest state-owned commercial bank, with branches all over the world. ICBC needs key financial services, including PoS (Point of Sale), business terminals and ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) services to run in its financial network. It also requires an OA system to run its local banks. Traditionally, each service system had to be deployed in a special network with special access devices. ICBC Zhejiang Provincial Bank has more than 500 retail bank branches, and such a duplication of investment is a huge waste of resources and creates difficulties in maintaining and updating the network.

The Solution

To achieve high reliability, the PSTN/ISDN was used to provide back-up in case of accidents, thus significantly improving network reliability.

The H3C AR series routers support the DLSw function, with both headquarters and branches carrying SNA information; the SNA terminals at each branch access headquarters via a TCP/IP network, implementing the cross-internet transmission of SNA.

The key function of the H3C AR28/18 series routers in each branch lies in services access, which consists of PoS, ATM, dumb terminal and VoIP, etc. Direct PoS access to routers is provided to convert PoS to IP directly rather than the more complicated PoS access through traditional equipment.

The H3C AR46 routers bring high performance, high quality services, reliability and security, satisfying network performance requirements, service integration and Triple Play applications. Plus, The multi-services of H3C AR series routers with modular design provide integrated Fast Ethernet interfaces and abundant optional modules.

Why H3C?

Each retail bank in different locations is connected to the central bank. The network system has to deliver high reliability, high security, strong QoS functions, full DLSw function support and multiple access services. With H3C’s full range of innovative and industry-leading products and deep industry experience, all these requirements are fully satisfied along with fast implementation.

The Benefits

Now with a multiple services solution, all financial systems, the OA system and VoIP function can be integrated into one IP-only infrastructure. The H3C AR series products are used to access various financial terminals, including the PoS terminal, the business terminal and the ATM terminal. This integration not only reduced investment in construction, but also simplified administrative tasks in the IT environment.