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India: Cosmos Bank in India Chooses H3C as its Preferred Partner for Network Upgrade


Established in 1906, The Cosmos Co-operative Bank Ltd (Cosmos Bank) is one of the oldest Urban Co-operative Bank in India, reputed for its quality services. Today, the Cosmos Bank is one of the leading Multi-state Scheduled Co-operative Banks.

Financial setup of the bank as on 31st March, 2006 was Rs. 5201 crs, comprising of Deposits of Rs. 3367 crs and Advances Rs. 1834 crs. Cosmos Bank operates through 63 branches and 13 Extension Counters in India spread across 5 States and in 12 Major Cities.

The legacy network of cosmos bank consists of WAN and LAN network. As for the WAN network it uses routers to connect the HQ and branches and for the LAN it uses switches to form the data center.

Cosmos bank now wants to upgrade their data center to carry new services for their customers. Cosmos bank need new core switches to connect the new IBM servers and the new switches should cooperate with the legacy devices perfectly and has high reliability and availability. Anyhow it must be cost-effective.

Technology Solution

As for the paragraph above cosmos bank use 2 units of S6506/H3C S7506 as the core switches and 1 unit of S3952/H3C S3652as the access switch for different floor users. Each IBM server has dual connection to H3C S7506 for link backup and VRRP runs between the core switches to guarantee the device-class redundancy. In the near future all the IBM server will connect to our switches so we carry all services for the end customers.

Why H3C?

Ø Cost-effective: Lower TCO
Ø High interoperability: cooperate with legacy devices
Ø High reliability: All the key components are redundant
Ø Perfect network management software: not only H3C products but also legacy products
Ø Promise for long term partnership
Ø Customer-oriented solution & service
Ø Comprehensive product line and complete network solution.
Ø High performance compare to other vendor's corresponding products
Ø PoE and multi-service expandability for future application

The Benefits

After a thorough trial period, cosmos bank found both the function and performance of H3C's solutions to be excellent in compatibility and reliability. Moreover, they considered the H3C switches to be very convenient to implement and maintain.