H3C Endpoint Profiling System (EPS)

In the age of fully internet driven world, there always a new device – unmanaged terminal, unauthorized device or IoT terminal in all forms and scales – connected to your network at any time. There devices can easily fell prey into the hands of the criminals and become the minions of network attacks. These devices are invisible to many security products, and their private access and spoofing behaviours are hard to control for traditional access control systems. Therefore, innovative access mechanism is needed to solve these problems.

H3C Endpoint Profiling System is a visionary system developed by H3C that is able to get a clairvoyant view of all connected IP devices (managed and unmanaged, authorized and unauthorized, known and unknown, PC and mobile, network devices, servers and so on) and is an integrated, realtime control and management system for them. Established on top of H3C's in-depth understanding of network, EPS is able to actively probe, scan, and mitigate risks. The agentless solution could enlist every pieces of information, including vendor, device type, model, operating system, IP/MAC address, in order to effectively prevent unauthorized access or device spoofing. Only authorized devices could be connected to the network.

As the country's first IoT access control system, EPS has been widely deployed in video surveillance systems and campus networks. A swarm of unattended/unprotected webcams and IP cams have been widely abused by hackers, and EPS can provide the front-end security protection for them. In the campus, EPS can sense the network access behaviour of devices and implement precise, visualized control as well as management for them. EPS can block and isolate unauthorized access to make network access more reliable and safer.

Webcam frontend access control

Campus network device, terminal and user access control

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