H3C Wall Plate Series Indoor Wi-Fi Access Point

H3C wall plate series AP is the latest generation wall plate Wi-Fi access point (AP) which can be installed in any 86mm wall plate without breaking the existing decorations and is easily managed.

H3C wall plate series AP is well suited for school dormitories, hospital wards, hotel rooms and other sites with densely divided rooms. It helps mitigate signal quality problems caused by traditional AP deployment in such sites, and greatly reduces investments and operation expenses in running these sites.

H3C wall plate series AP includes WA4320H-ACN and WA2610H-GN. H3C WA4320H-ACN AP is based on the new generation of self-developed Gigabit 2-Streams 11ac MIMO technology, can provide 3 times more wireless access rate than a traditional 802.11n network and a larger coverage area.

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