H3C WX5500H New Generation Access Controller

The H3C WX5500H series wireless access controller is the latest generation of unified wired and wireless access controller featuring high performance, large capacity, high reliability and versatile business services and is targeted at enterprise networks. The WX5500H series AC equips with a high performance multi-core CPU and several FPGA cards and enable CAPWAP all-size packets line-rate forwarding. It adopts the innovative Comware V7 platform (referred to as V7 hereafter). V7 comes with the standard granular user control management, comprehensive RF resource management, 7x24 wireless security control, fast layer-2 and layer-3 roaming, strong QoS and IPv4/IPv6 dual stack. V7 adds in various novel wireless technologies such as multi-core control plane, next generation CUPID wireless positioning technology, Bonjour and Hotspot 2.0.

WX5500H series AC supports multiple network configurations such as cloud computing management, layered AC and IRF. Also, it offers converged access of wired and wireless, which enables converged configuration and management in the same system on wired and wireless features to enhances manageability.

H3C WX5500H series AC consists of two models: WX5540H and WX5560H. When paired with H3C Fit Access Point (AP), it serves as an ideal access control solution for WLAN access of medium to large enterprise campus networks and wireless MAN coverage.

H3C WX5540H

H3C WX5560H

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