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H3C S9500E Core Routing Switches

H3C S9500E is a series of new-generation core routing switches developed for use in the core layer of campus networks and data centers. While providing large-capacity and high-performance L2/L3 switching, the S9500E further integrates intelligent features such as hardware-based IPv6 forwarding, hardware-based MPLS forwarding, security and flow analysis. It can be used to construct a basic network platform on which integrated services can be provided in campus networks and data centers.

Adopting innovative hardware design, the S9500E provides powerful control capability and 50 ms high reliability guarantee through an independent control engine, an independent detection engine and an independent maintenance engine. The distributed high-performance hardware forwarding mechanism and the large-capacity Crossbar non-blocking switching technology of the S9500E will guarantee high processing performance and flexible system scalability. The open OAA architecture enables the perfect integration of networks, security and wireless services.

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