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H3C UniServer R4700 G3 Server

H3C UniServer R4700 G3 optimized the performance density with Intel® latest technology platform to provide an excellent computing performance in 1U space. The industry leading system design gives rise to a user-friendly, easy-to-manage, secure, and reliable R4700 G3 server.

Being a self-controllable high performance 1U dual socket rack server, R4700 G3 has adopted the latest Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family and six-channel 2666MHz DDR4 memory technology, to improve server performance by 50%. Therefore, users may benefit from the distinctive computing performance and IO acceleration with GPU acceleration card and NVMe SSD. The data centre efficiency is remarkably improved, resulting in a 94% energy conversion rate and 5℃~45℃ working environment, which bring a higher investment return.

R4700 G3 server is an ideal choice for data center with limitation of space and high density workload, which balances the workload between performance, effectiveness, and density.

· High Density Data Centre Workload–such as loading for large and medium-sized enterprises and cloud service providers’ data centres

· Dynamic workload – such as data library, virtualization, private cloud, and public cloud

· Computing for condensed application– such as big data, business intelligent, geological exploration and research

· low latency and exchange application– such as enquiry and exchange system for financial service industry

· To support your heterogeneous IT environment, R4700 G3 server supports Microsoft® Windows® and Linux operating systems, as well as VMware and H3C CAS environments.

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