H3C SecPath Next Generation Firewall Series

H3C SecPath NGFW series firewall is the latest incarnation of high performance security gateway. The series is developed with the advent of Web 2.0 era, integrating the latest security trends and network deep inspection technologies and is designed for SMEs, campus network egress and WAN branches.

H3C SecPath NGFW series provides multi-dimension security protection in a box such as: protects multiple vectors including user, application, time and network quintuple, to implement secure access control with IPS, AV and DLP scans that lead to guaranteed network security. NGFW also supports multiple VPN solutions, such as L2TP VPN, GRE VPN, IPSec VPN and SSL VPN to implement mobile office with smart devices. It is also built with rich routing capabilities with RIP/OSPF/BGP routing strategies and routing policies based on applications and URLs, supports IPv4/IPv6, and protects users from attacks crafted for IPV6.

H3C SecPath NGFW series consist of F10X0 (F1020/F1050/F1080) and F5020, F10X0 series firewall employs redundant 1+1 power supply and supports dual-device SCF (Security Cluster Framework) virtualization technology to satisfy the reliability requirements for high performance network. F10X0 comes in 1U dimension with at least 24 GE ports and 2 fixed 10GE ports. F5020 firewall is equipped with 1+1 redundant power supply modules, hot-swappable AC or DC power modules as well as session based active standby mode which is most suitable when reliability is concerned. F5020 also comes in 2U dimension with a maximum of 48 GE ports and 10 10GE ports.

F1020/F1050 F1080


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