H3C SecBlade NetStream

The H3C SecBlade NetStream card (referred to as the SecBlade NS card hereinafter) is a leading network traffic collector and analyzer of the industry, which is applicable to the H3C S7500E/S9500E/S12500 series switches. The SecBlade NS card accurately detects all types of traffic and offers detailed statistics. The output information of the SecBlade NS card helps you fast locate causes of network anomalies and get objective views of network capacity plans, routing security, network application monitoring, and fault diagnosis. The SecBlade NS card presents you a visualized network and thus improves the whole network performance.

Deployed on a basic network device, the plug-and-play, scalable SecBlade NS card is easy to manage, and thus the maintenance cost is reduced.

Figure 1 Appearance of a SecBlade NetStream module

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