H3C industry-leading load balancing (LB) products are suitable for carrier networks, portal sites, medium and large enterprise networks, and data centers. They can be deployed at the distribution or core layer of a data center to properly distribute clients’ requests to data center servers based on a specific load balancing algorithm, ensuring that the data center can provide fast response and service continuity.

Through deep integration of application optimization, security, and network functions, H3C LB products deliver powerful routing, switching, load balancing, and Layer 2 through Layer 7 security functions. In addition, they have good scalability. H3C LB products can work in various types of complicated networks, and you can select functional modules as needed to save your investment.

H3C LB products provide the following benefits for data centers:

l         Improving access speed

l         Ensuring service continuity

l         Increasing access capacity

l         Enhancing security

H3C LB products can greatly reduce the purchasing and O&M costs of data centers while increasing their flexibility and scalability.

Figure 1 H3C LB products