H3C SR8800-F Core Routers

H3C SR8800-F Core Routers (hereinafter referred to as the SR8800-F routers), developed by Hangzhou H3C Technologies Co., Ltd., provide the following features:

* Advanced hardware architecture—Allows the application of the SR8800-F routers to all network layers:

* High port density.

* Rich port types: 10-GE, 40-GE, and 100-GE.

* Scalable slots.

* Industry-leading network operating system—Comware V7, highly integrated with the SR8800-F routers with the following features:

* Support for multi-core CPU.

* Distributed computing.

* Modular design.

* High-availability architecture.

* Virtualization.

* Compatibility.

* Innovative virtualization technology—Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF), which improves network reliability and simplifies management and maintenance.

* Powerful BRAS functions:

* Operates as an MSE device or a core device of a campus network.

* Supports multiple path protection technologies and 1588v2 network synchronization.

* Acts as an ER router to meet IPRAN networking requirements.

H3C SR8800-F Core Routers

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