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H3C SR6602-X Compact Aggregation Service Router

The H3C SR6602-X is a high-end compact Aggregation Service Router for enterprise network and carrier customers, targeting at medium-sized vertical network aggregation, high-end business users and large branches operator-managed high-performance CPE market. The product works as a corporate VPN, NAT, IPSec and other services gateway. Along with other H3C networking products, it provides a comprehensive network solution to users in multiple industries from the government, finance, utilities, operators and medium-sized enterprises.

The H3C SR6602-X router is the first of its kind in the industry to provide fixed 10GE interfaces, with a new generation of higher-performance multi-core processing chip, enabling 10GE wire-speed processing performance. H3C SR6602-X software uses sophisticated commercial H3C Comware operating system and hardware is based on a new flexible interface design to maximize investment protection, fully meet the networking requirements of users in different industries while ensuring high performance and flexible configuration.

H3C SR6602-X series contains SR6602-X1 and SR6602-X2. SR6602-X1 provides 4GE fixed Combo interfaces and one service slot, supporting pluggable redundant power supply. SR6602-X2 provides 4GE fixed Combo, 2-port fixed 10GE and one service slot, supporting pluggable redundant power supply. SR6602-X uses the new FIP-20 and FIP-10 flexible interface platform. FIP-20 supports SR6600 High-speed Interface Module (HIM). FIP-10 is compatible with MSR series routers Multifunctional Interface Module (MIM) module to meet the user upgrade from narrowband to broadband access needs.

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