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H3C WA2600X Series 802.11n Outdoor High Power Access Points

H3C WA2600X series outdoor high power access points (APs), the latest generation of GE APs compatible with 802.11n, provides a wireless access rate that is six times more than the rate of the traditional 802.11a/b/g network and covers a longer distance. The upstream interfaces access services are provided through GE interfaces that break the limitations of FE interfaces, thereby making the wireless multimedia application more practical.

WA2600X series provides a high power level of 500mW and comes complete with smart RF optimization technologies. This would maximize coverage distance, solve any coverage problem that would exist and enhance the outdoor WLAN coverage with higher precision and greater stability. Its sturdy all-in-one design is fully compliant with IP66 antidust and waterproof standard, allows for a wider operation temperature range and is well suited for outdoor installation and debugging. Typical applications include wireless city, wireless residential zone, rustic WiFi coverage, 3G+Wireless and other scenarios where sophisticated intelligent outdoor coverage is needed.


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