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H3C S7500Ev7 Series Switches

H3C S7500E switch series has been one of the best selling products since it has been released worldwide nine years ago, with H3C's proprietary operating system upgrade from V5 to V7, S7500E switch series has revived and equipped the following benefits and features:

* Upgraded per slot bandwidth and whole switch series performance

* High port density 10G line cards

* MDC (Multitenant Devices Context), EVI (Ethernet Virtualization Interconnect), VXLAN and MACsec

* IRF2 (Intelligent Resilient Framework version 2) & IRF3 (Intelligent Resilient Framework version 3)

* Convergence of MPLS, VPN, and multiple services

* MP-BGP based EVPN solution

These whole new switch series are perfectly for enterprise network upgrade and maximize your network ROI and reduce your TCO. The whole brand new S7500E V7 switch series includes S7502E, S7503E, S7506E, S7506E-V and S7510E.

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