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H3C SecPath F1000-E

SecPath F1000-E is new generation carrier-class firewall equipment of H3C oriented to large-scale enterprise and operator users. SecPath F1000-E adopts the state-of-the-art hardware platform and architecture of H3C, achieving a leapfrog breakthrough of the firewall performance. It is able to support ten GE interfaces, which satisfies the requirements of carrier-class applications.

The product supports such functions as external attack defense, intranet security, traffic policing, mail filtering, web page filtering and application layer filtering, effectively ensuring network security. It adopts the Application Specific Packet Filter (ASPF), an application state detecting technology, to detect the connectivity and abnormal commands. It provides multiple intelligent analysis and management means, supports mail alarm and multiple logs, and provides network management monitoring to assist the network administrator to complete network security management. It supports multiple VPN services, for example, GRE VPN and IPSec VPN, and is able to construct multiple forms of VPNs. It provides the basic routing capability, and supports RIP/OSPF/BGP/routing policy and policy routing. It supports diverse QoS features.

SecPath F1000-E firewall takes full consideration of the requirements on high reliability by network applications. The service interface card supports hot swapping to fully satisfy the requirements on network maintenance, upgrade, and optimization. It supports dual-system state hot backup, and the Active/Active and Active/Passive work modes. It provides the temperature detecting function within the internal environment of the chassis, and supports the unified management of the network management system.

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