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H3C SecCenter UTM

As an industry-leading integrated security management center, H3C SecCenter provides unified management for various network and security products and over 1000 types of reports on network security status and regulatory compliance.

H3C SecCenter adopts advanced in-depth probing and analysis technologies and integrates security event collection, analysis, and response to combine the network with security devices, explicitly show the network security status, respond quickly to security events, and facilitate network fault locating, thus relieving the IT and security administrator from heavy management workload and greatly improving the work efficiency. In this case, the customer can focus on the core business.

Figure 1 IPS Manager Intrusion protection event snapshoot


Figure 2 Firewall Top 10 attack event screen


Figure 3 UTM Virus protection event snapshoot


Figure 4 iTAS traffic analysis by application


H3C SecCenter Management Center is a one box solution for managing the security devices on a network. It includes the function modules: IPS Manager, UTM Manager, Firewall Manager and intelligent Traffic Analysis System (iTAS). All modules can also be purchased separately and run independently on any servers running Windows operating systems.

IPS Manager allows central management of H3C IPS devices. It can be used to implement real-time monitoring and analysis of security events, catch event snapshot, query event details, update the intrusion signature library over all IPS devices, and to provide rich security reports.

UTM Manager allows management and control of all H3C UTM devices in the network. It features great scalability, visualized real-time event monitoring, comprehensive security event analysis (such as attack and virus event analysis), controlling and auditing based on applications and services, and rich report function. The UTM manager enables customers to learn and control the network security status at any time. Together with UTM devices, the UTM Manager provides you with visual, all-around, powerful network security protection.

Firewall Manager supports centralized management and real-time monitoring of firewall devices throughout the network, implements collection and comprehensive analysis of attack event information, enables log auditing and visualization, detailed reports. From the all-around reports, you can see the history security status as well as the security trends of the network easily.

iTAS provides a reliable and easy-to-use network traffic analysis solution. iTAS helps track the bandwidth usage, and resource consumption of each network application by collecting the traffic information from the routers and switches in sFlow, NetFlow or NetStream format. Moreover, rich traffic analysis report are provided to help identify the network bottlenecks and make correct impersonal decision on network planning, monitoring, optimization and troubleshooting. iTAS is also useful to detect the abnormal traffic, Denial of Service attack and worms.

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