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H3C SecBlade FW

The H3C SecBlade FW modules are industry-leading 10000-Mbps high-performance firewall modules. They can be used on the H3C S5800, S7500E, S9500E or S12500 switches, or SR6600 routers, and SR8800 routers. Integrating the functions of firewall, VPN, content filtering, and NAT, the SecBlade FW modules can improve the security service capabilities of network devices, providing full security protection.

The H3C SecBlade FW modules can defend your network against external attacks, guarantee internal network security, monitor traffic, and implement URL filtering and application layer filtering. Employing the Application Specific Packet Filter (ASPF) technology, they can monitor the status of application layer connections to achieve security protection at layers from Layer 3 to Layer 7. In addition, they support alarm notification, attack logging, traffic logging, and network management monitoring, helping you with the network management.

The H3C SecBlade FW modules are plug-and-play and feature good extensibility, and therefore can ease management and reduce the maintenance costs.

Figure 1 Appearance of a SecBlade FW module

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