H3C MSR 26 36 56 Routers

As cloud computing applications are being widely adopted, the Wide Area Network (WAN) undergoes major changes to cope with these changes. Users are demanding more than they have traditionally expected from their routers. Faced with new challenges and opportunities, H3C has developed the MSR26/36/56 multi-service router based on its decade-long in-depth understanding of enterprise and carrier networks, as well as more than a decade’s insight and technical accumulation. MSR 26/36 can serve as access router for governments and financial institutions or core router for small size enterprise. The MSR56 can serve as a core router for small-medium sized enterprises, a gateway router for government branches or enterprises, or a service gateway for enterprise network VPNs, NAT or IPSec services. Along with other H3C network equipment, it provides a comprehensive network solution to users in multiple industries from government to financial institutions, hotels, enterprises and educational institutions.

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