H3C MSR800 810 900-E 930 Router

As cloud computing applications are being widely adopted, Wide Area Network (WAN) undergoes major evolvement to cope with these changes. User requirements for routers can be grouped into the following:

*          Network performance requirements - apart from basic network bandwidth, performance and reliability, clients concern more on network delay and jittering to ensure cloud computing are performing as intended in their businesses.

*          Network security requirements - as wireless access becomes a commonplace, network access has evolved from homogenous PC access to a plethora of smart devices, tablets and scanners. BYOD (Bring your own devices) also creates a meltdown of network security perimeter that calls for tougher security in network devices.

*          Network management requirements - clients ask for simpler, automated management solutions, simplified configuration, change, management and maintenance for network devices and application loading. Automated deployment and management are also expected to raise efficiency and lower management cost.

MSR 800/810/900-E/930 multi-service application routers are developed with such a background. They are intended for locations such as public network exits for small to medium (SME) enterprises, prefectural or municipal government branches, business chain store branches, satellite ATM machines and 3G/4G mobile access. The product lineup is designed with 3G/4G wireless communication standards and cloud computing business in mind. It is capable of serving as a one-stop solution for enterprise network and leaves ample headroom for business expansion. This fits nicely within the existing IT infrastructure, expanding nation-wide 3G/4G network and growing demand for cloud computing applications.

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