H3C SR8800

H3C SR8800 10G Core Routers (hereinafter referred to as the SR8800) are developed by Hangzhou H3C Technologies Co., Ltd., based on its thorough research and deep understanding of user needs. The SR8800 can be widely deployed at IP backbone networks, metropolitan area networks (MANs) and the core and distribution layers of large IP networks. Featuring powerful forwarding capabilities and a variety of functions, the SR8800 can well satisfy users' diversified networking needs.

The SR8800 is designed of plane separation and three-engine forwarding. The SR8800 uses distributed high-performance network processors (NPs) for hardware forwarding and adopts the large-volume crossbar non-blocking switching technology to ensure high processing performance and excellent scalability. Through the distributed dedicated quality of service (QoS) modules, the SR8800 provides fine-tuning control and end-to-end QoS for the core applications running on it. In addition, the SR8800 ensures non-interrupted businesses with the distributed operation, administration and maintenance (OAM) detection engine, which realizes fault detection within 30 ms. The SR8800 adopts IRF2, which virtualizes multiple SR8800 routers into one logical router. The logical router uses one control plane and one forwarding plane, reducing network nodes, simplifying network configuration, and improving network availability. In short, by taking full advantage of the innovative technologies and the fine-tuning QoS mechanism, the SR8800 guarantees the smooth operation of concurrent applications for multiple users.


H3C SR8800 10G core routers

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