H3C UIS R390X G2 Rack Server

The H3C Unified Infrastructure System (UIS) is an overall Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud computing solution. It combines networks, computing, storage, and management software of the traditional IT systems closely and realizes all-in-one management, best-in-class performance, and fast service deployment. It increases the large-scale data center infrastructure deployment efficiency by 50%.

The H3C UIS R390X G2 rack server is engineered to protect your cloud computing operation and investment with high reliability, accessibility, and serviceability. This multi-functional rack-optimized server balances efficiency and performance, making management simple and effective. The H3C UIS R390X G2 rack server provides the following features:

* Increased performance through greater processor core count, memory, and internal storage capacities.

* Improved manageability with advanced embedded Smart Array technology.

* Enhanced serviceability by using improved PCIe riser solutions, smart socket guides, and smart cabling.

* Industry-leading H3C Device Management (HDM) engine provides embedded provisioning tool, active health monitoring, and system maintenance capabilities.

Whether it is an enterprise-class data center, or a small to midsize business looking to expand in the future, the H3C UIS R390X G2 rack server provides a variety of configuration options and extensions and will continue to meet your growing demands.

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