H3C rolls out line of industry-first access points to make universal WiFi access a reality

Attendees at the New Wireless = Infinite Possibilities conference taking place in Hong Kong get first glimpse of the new WiFi future

Hong Kong, 14 July 2015 – H3C, a leading IT infrastructure solution provider, is rolling out a brand new line of industry-first wireless access point (AP) solutions aimed at helping businesses to turn the vision of universal WiFi access into a solid reality.

The quartet of innovative products launched today at the “New Wireless = Infinite Possibilities” conference taking place in Hong Kong includes Trident – a full speed 2Gbps triple band AP; Bluetooth Heart – the industry’s first Bluetooth-enabled AP; the MaxFi core AP – an intensive room environment AP; and UltraLink – the first Internet-of-Things AP.

“WiFi has become ubiquitous in both our working and private lives – in almost every area, from email and other office tasks, to education, healthcare, gaming or shopping. Adding the impact of the emergence of the Internet-of-Things and you begin to see how fundamentally society now depends on reliable and secure wireless connectivity” said Davis Hui, General Manager, Hong Kong and Macau for H3C.

“Dealing with the Big Data explosion is another major issue that enterprises are facing, and it places tremendous demands on their network infrastructure. The need for stable and seamless network environments to support for daily business operations has never been more critical. This new line of state-of-the-art wireless access points represents a comprehensive solution for every step of the journey to a WiFi everywhere and anywhere in the future,” Hui added.

A master of Bluetooth device management, H3C has launched the world’s first AP equipped with “Bluetooth Heart,” which could be used in large commercial sites such as shopping malls, museums and zoos, where hundreds or even thousands of iBeacon base stations need to be deployed.

“These iBeacon base stations can be triggered to launch an LBS application such as via ‘Wechat Shake’, but the downside is that they need to be powered by batteries and managing them could be a daunting task. H3C APs equipped with ‘Bluetooth Heart’ can integrate these iBeacon base stations as part of the managed network devices, easily locate Bluetooth devices, troubleshoot, and handle network aberrations in a snap,” said Hui.

The new Trident full speed 2Gbps triple band AP can accommodate over 100 business terminals – a quantum leap over traditional Aps, which only accommodate around 30 business terminals. This means that several APs in an e-classroom can now be replaced by one AP, providing a huge reduction in capex as well as management costs.

H3C’s MaxFi AP can support a maximum of 20 mini Aps and can be deployed in sites with multiple rooms such as dormitory, motel, hotel and co-working space. MaxFi APs can help implement a one-AP per room configuration, with better signal strength and less prone to attenuation caused by walls, with each room enjoy access to an individual AP with GE bandwidth, and brings user experience on par with high speed wired access.

The new UltraLink product is the industry’s first Internet-of-Things Wi-Fi AP with three IoT connection modules. This provided unified management of different IoT resources and enables the creation of convergent of multiple networks.

“With the launch of H3C’s UltraLink IoT AP, the Internet and the Internet-of-Things are no longer segregated. The new AP provides the ideal basis for implementing ubiquitous connection in the emerging pan-connection era,” said Hui.

WiFi ubiquity is definitely on the way. For example, Hong Kong’s public WiFi hot-spot network has boomed in the last five years. According to the latest Office of the Communications Authority figures, the number has more than tripled, now totaling 32,491 across the HKSAR.

“The ability to exploit the opportunities this new, all-encompassing wireless network offers is rapidly becoming one of the keys to success. This brand new four-member series of industry-leading H3C WiFi solutions will help organisations leverage this invisible but increasingly vital resource,” said Hui.

About H3C

As per IDC 2014 Q3 APJ Ethernet Switch and Router Tracker, H3C is No.2 in HK Ethernet Switch Market. As an innovative IT infrastructure solution provider, H3C is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard Company. H3C aims to create maximum value for its global customers and partners by providing excellent service and quality products with a high performance to cost ratio.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, with research and development centres in China (Beijing and Hangzhou), the company employs 4,800 people with more than half engaged in R&D. Additional information can be found at www.h3c.com.