H3C launches new Wireless Interconnect Solution to drive deployment & development of Internet of Things

Enhance productivity and operation efficiency for enterprises and bring fun & convenience to consumers

Hong Kong, 10 July 2017 – H3C Technologies Co., Limited (H3C), a leading IT infrastructure solution provider, today announced the launch of Wave 2 Series Access Point (AP) and H-Series Controller to its Wireless Interconnect Solution to enhance indoor & outdoor wireless coverage, provide the fundamental of “Internet of Everything” and drive deployment of Internet of Things (IoT). The latest H3C Wireless Interconnect Solution could be leveraged in scenes like shopping mall, school, hotel & city, not only enable enterprises to optimize operational efficiency, also, provide fun & convenience to consumers.

According to recent IoT Forecasts, by 2025, the total number of IoT connections will grow to 270 billion and about 72% of which are connected using a short range technology, which is largely comprised of Wireless technology. In the meantime, consumer gadgets will generate over 2 zettabyes of data, however, it will account for less than 1% of cellular data traffic, which imply wireless technologies like WiFi & Zigbee will lead the development of IoT.

"IoT has become synonymous with making our life smarter and Wireless is the fundamental to link them together as well as transferring data to back-end for analysis to generate operation and business intelligence for cities, schools, hotels, and retail environments,” said Joseph Lee, Product Director, Hong Kong and Macau for H3C.

H3C Wireless Interconnect Solution unleashes the potential of IoT by offering an instant communication and application between devices which enable customers to utilize their resources and enhance operational efficiency.

For example, with the deployment of H3C UAP300 which build upon smart antenna technology and support the latest 802.11ac wave 2, can provide shopping mall with fast and full-range wireless coverage. In the meantime, with CUPID Wireless Positioning Technology and LBS, retailers can gather insights including venue busy spots and times, as well as routes and past traffic of visitors and create graphics of distribution of people and heat map tracking. As a result, retailers can take advantage of the solution to gain insights that help them understand what location attracts the greatest number of visitors and facilitate the development and optimization of marketing strategies.

On the other hand, H3C T300 series, built with mini PCIE card slots, supporting RFID, Zigbee, Bluetooth and other standard IoT protocols and work as the IoT gateway for smart connected devices including smart bands & sensors, and support CUPID Wireless Positioning Technology, enable shoppers to identify their target shops and enjoy shopping with a personal shopping experience.

“Industries are implementing an IoT-centric systems to serve customers better and increase their operational efficiency. Todays’ hotel guests are expecting a smart & personalized experience during their hospitality uptake. With the deployment of UAP380, a new all-in-one wireless AP which integrate wired, wireless and IoT access and support the latest 802.11ac wave 2, all smart objects will be connected and controlled under the wireless environment. Not only allow hotels to put their entire hospitality package into their guests hands, and allowing guests to control their WiFi, room temperature, lighting, entertainment and all room devices, at their leisure. Also, hotels can reduce the installation cost when deploying their IoT and smart hotel strategy,” commented Lee.

Technology is also changing the educational landscape, H3C suite of innovative Wireless Education solutions, including UAP300 and T300 series bring full wireless coverage to campus. In the meantime, based on Bluetooth & RFID, H3C have developed an unique smart band that measures students whereabouts and monitor issues such as heart rate, calorie consumption - and measuring activity such as classroom involvement via hand raising to build an informative and automated campus.

Beyond business applications, Going ‘Smart’ is definitely the key agenda for cities and H3C. In the 2016 Policy Address, the Chief Executive re-affirmed Government’s commitment to build Hong Kong as a smart city and planned to expand 34,000 free WiFi coverage in 3 years time.

Undoubtedly, a quality Wireless service is one of the key elements to promote “Smart City”. The latest H3C WA5630X AP & WA5320XAP are designed for high-density outdoor areas, the multi-frequency design and supporting MU-MIMO technology, allows AP to send data to multiple devices, at the same time, not only reduces installation cost for wireless network, also, enhances users experience. In the meantime, with built-in smart cloud-antenna, the upper part of WA5630X AP can connect with other wireless AP nearby to create multi-mesh network, meanwhile, the bottom part will search for WiFi & IoT devices automatically to create the “Internet of Everything”. “GPS+BDS” technology can track real-time location precisely within 10m and adjust signal and coverage automatically to deliver the best Wireless experience.

“Alongside IoT and open data, wireless communication is one of the foundational technologies of smart environment. The latest Wireless AP & controllers will enrich and improve H3C Wireless Interconnect Solution, providing an efficient and reliable network environment and allowing industries to deploy with agility and flexibility.” said Lee.