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H3C CUPID Wireless Positioning Technology Helps Enterprises Attain Excellence

Hong Kong, 20 Nov 2015 – Big Data has become the most critical enterprise asset for seeking new opportunities in the Internet era. It has also drawn vendors to constantly develop new technologies to aid enterprises to conduct all kinds of data collection so that they can extract useful information out of colossal amounts of data, create more tailored solutions, and uncover bigger business opportunities.

H3C, a leading IT infrastructure solution provider, has announced the CUPID wireless positioning technology, which can precisely extract the location data of a user terminal. Enterprises can set relevant strategies to boost operation and marketing efficiency based on the extracted data. As data driven operations become more prevalent, wireless positioning technology will become a common practice in enterprise operation. Data can be leveraged to capture numerous business opportunities.

H3C CUPID is a highly precise wireless positioning technology based on WLAN environment. It has better precision and timeliness than traditional fingerprint positioning, and doesn’t require pre-sampling to deploy.

H3C CUPID wireless positioning technology has the following advantages and features:

I.Highly precise

Traditional triangular and fingerprint positioning is based on Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) power, and its precision is inevitably affected by RSSI power level fluctuation. Indoor decorations and the random nature of customer traffic will cause perturbation in RSSI data. H3C CUPID based positioning technology integrates information from Atheros chips and WLAN to make indoor positioning more precise, and overcome the limitation of RSSI based positioning systems. The positioning error could be as little as 3-5 meters under good conditions.

II.Low latency

CUPID has lower latency compared with traditional signal based positioning technology. As it is based on active information compiled from the Access Point, its delay can be limited to within 2 seconds, and significantly improve the efficiency in signal and data collection.

III.No pre-sampling

Traditional fingerprint based positioning requires substantial time and resource in sampling, and re-sampling is needed whenever changes are made to the deployment configuration, such as AP antenna or position. This creates considerable impact to the positioning system performance. CUPID positioning can skip the sampling process and the AP can start positioning right away with existing deployment configurations. CUPID also supports cross-channel deployment. Each channel could be deployed in up to six spectra, this would suppress interfaces in the same spectrum and improve positioning precision.

H3C wireless positioning solution outplays other contenders

H3C wireless positioning technology can be implemented by using existing H3C Access Controllers (AC), APs and the iMC network management system. The technology provides a straightforward solution to track users’ locations. Users can augment this solution with H3C’s Bluetooth AP or Apple’s iBeacon to achieve precise positioning, data or advertisement push and enable enterprise to not only create better customer experience but also collect users’ behavior.

“Enterprises can get a better understanding of their customers and make appropriate procurement and deployment with the help of big data analysis and mobile positioning systems. H3C’s wireless positioning system keeps making improvements and innovations to help our customers collect diverse location data in order to supplement their operation strategy and maximize their profit,” said Joseph Lee, product director for H3C Hong Kong.

“The wireless positioning solution we demonstrated during the H3C Solutions Day 2015 can help enterprises succeed in the turbulent business environment and discover new opportunities,” he said.