H3C Launches the Industry’s-first 2.5G Ethernet AP and Breaks the Wireless Network Speed Limit

Hong Kong, 20 Nov 2015 – The wireless mobile network has always been the driving force behind network industry, with the demand for network speed in smart devices constantly driving the innovation. And the industry is always looking for a faster and more stable wireless network solution to satisfy the needs of customers.

Now, the industry leading IT infrastructure solution provider H3C has launched the Wave 2 AP WA5620i – its flagship wireless network product that outclasses all other models in terms of bandwidth, access speed and supported number of users.

WA5620i is the first 802.11ac Wave AP product equipped with 2.5G Ethernet technology. Featuring 2.5G+1G dual-uplink bandwidth, it provides a total of 3.5G high-speed uplink bandwidth to ensure ultra high speed wave2 2.5G wireless access. Both uplinks also support Power over Ethernet (PoE) which provides extremely high resilience.

Multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) has become the quintessential feature for wave2 AP, which allows the WA5620i to transmit data to three 802.11ac Wave 2 terminals at the same time. This raises the number of users accessing the AP and provides better user experience.

The unit also offers ultra high 2.5G access speed – approximately five times the speed offered by 802.11n products. This means that it supports 802.11ac 5G terminal access, pushing the access speed to 1,733Mbps, and the speed 802.11ac 2.4G terminals to 800Mbps. That is fast enough to cater for different deployment scenarios. In terms of maximum number of user access, the WA5620i can support 256 concurrent terminal sessions with a single RF, and supports up to 512 concurrent sessions, overshadowing most of its competitors.

“H3C has always been committed in developing brilliant products, and is leading the trend of mobile network convergence. We are also constantly developing new products to meet the requirements of enterprises,” said Joseph Lee, product director for H3C Hong Kong.

“During the H3C Solutions Day 2015, we demonstrated our diversified wireless network product portfolios to our customers. These wireless products can be fitted into different sites to suit the requirements of all kinds of industries. The debut of the WA5620i strengthens H3C’s leading position in the wireless network market,” said Lee.