H3C Data Center Switches S12508 and S5820X First to be “Certified Green”

Miercom is a leading provider of independent test services in the industry. Its Certified Green program provides vendors with one of the industry’s most accurate green testing. The “Certified Green” award provides vendors with an objective assessment of the environmental impact and business case effectiveness of their products as compared with national indices. Certification is based on a products energy efficiency, power consumption and environmentally sound features.

H3C S12508 Data Center Switches Key Findings and Conclusions:

10 Gigabit Ethernet modules consume half the power compared to competitive products

New ASIC technology has low power consumption while providing a rich advanced feature set

Intelligent Management Center (IMC) provides complete network management of all devices

Redundant, scalable, 90% efficient power supplies (up to 6) deliver high reliability in the data center

H3C S5800 Series and S5820X Switches Key findings and conclusions:

H3C S5820X-28S switch saves up to 44% in annual energy costs when compared to Industry Average

S5800 Series Switches are up to 15 % more energy efficient than comparable switching products

Line rate Layer 3 switching with no additional energy consumption (~0.2 watts) for both L2 v L3 traffic

Management interface enables energy saving features with port operation scheduling and speed throttling

Support for Intelligent Management Center (IMC) allows efficient and effective network administration