H3C S7506E and S5500EI are rated "Miercom Green Certified"

Miercom is a leading provider of independent test services in the industry. Its Certified Green program provides vendors with one of the industry’s most accurate green testing. The “Certified Green” award provides vendors with an objective assessment of the environmental impact and business case effectiveness of their products as compared with national indices. Certification is based on a products energy efficiency, power consumption and environmentally sound features.

    H3C S7506E Test Key Findings and Conclusions
  • ·24% more efficient than comparable products based on industry average (Watts/Gbps);
  • ·Enhanced redundant management features; provides traffic control and advanced security;
  • ·Hot swappable fan, power supplies and management modules; easily replaced or upgraded;
  • ·Multi-layer switch design provides 384 Gbps crossbar switching
    H3C S5500EI Test Key Findings and Conclusions
  • ·Up to 40% more efficient, depending on model, than comparable products based on industry average (Watts/Gbps);
  • ·iMC management module reduces travel costs by providing centralized remote administration;
  • ·Operates in environments up to 45 degree centigrade or 113 Fahrenheit; requres little or no AC, reduces energy cooling costs;
  • ·Provides enhanced security using ACLs and queuing mechanisms; prevents Denial of Service (DoS) attacks