Figures & Facts

As an innovative IP-based network architecture solutions provider, H3C aims to create maximum value for its global customers and partners by providing excellent service and quality products with a high cost-performance;

H3C Technologies Co., Limited was established in November 2003;

With principal operations in Hangzhou, China, H3C sets up R&D centers in Hangzhou and Beijing in China;

H3C has 5,800 highly-skilled employees, more than 55 percent of whom are employed in R&D;

H3C has more than 4000 channel partners in Greater China.To sell H3C developed and manufactured products to the rest of world through HP's global resources;

Since the company’s establishment, H3C has applied more than 6200 patents, of which 90% are original invention patents;

H3C offers a full series of IP products and solutions, including networking, security, management software, wireless, etc. Now based on the "Cloud-Network Convergence" strategy for the next decade, H3C will continue to innovate in key technologies such as Virtualization, SDN, Cloud, Orchestration and BYOD in order to build a new IT architecture that leads the industry