Corporate Profile

H3C Technologies Co., Limited (H3C) is a leading global supplier of IP-based products and solutions. With principal operations in Hangzhou, China, H3C employs 5,000 people worldwide.
To maintain a level of innovation and technical excellence, H3C operates advanced R&D facilities, reliability labs and product test centers in Beijing and Hangzhou in China; invests more than 15% of revenues back into R&D every year and has more than half of the workforce engaged in research and development. By the end of 2013, H3C has applied for over 4,700 patents with over 85% as original invention patents, ranking top 6 among enterprises in China in 2013 in terms of the number of valid original invention patents.
  • As an innovative IP-based network architecture solutions provider, H3C aims to create maximum value for its global customers and partners by providing excellent service and quality products with a high cost-performance;
  • H3C Technologies Co., Limited was established in November 2003;

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